Since our start in April 2011 the following players have moved on to professional clubs and been offered contracts:

Lois Ward – Bristol Rovers

Will Tizzard – Southampton

Lucas Connelly – Bristol Rovers

Connor Davey – Bristol City

Archie Thayer – Bristol City

Tom Wills – Bristol Rovers

Loius Holdan – Bristol Rovers

Tom Wookey – Bristol Rovers

Will Ferguson – Bristol City

Tommy Backwell – Southampton

Llewellyn NTIHEMUKA – Bristol City

Michael Morgan – Bristol Rovers

Luco Ponsillo – Bristol Rovers

Elliot Box – Bristol Rovers

Jonny Mead – Cheltenham Town

Sam Fryer – Cheltenham Town

Charlie Bird – Bristol Rovers

Liam Jacques – Southampton

Josh Jenkins – Bristol Rovers

Fred Gore – Bristol Rovers

Jamie Knight Label – Southampton

Jo Jo Green – Forest Green Rovers

Henry – Bristol Rovers

Reco Lee Tucker Forest Green

Curtis Dunn Forest Green

Daniel Okafar Forest Green

Will Osbourne Bristol City

Jamie Knight Label Bristol City

Finn Weare Forest Green

Charlie Spindler Bristol City

Callum Pritchard Forest Green

Dan Thomas Forest Green  

Curtis Dunn – Forest Green

Fin Warren – Bristol Rovers

Marco Leone – Bristol City

Olly Boyce – Bristol Rovers

Harley Gardener – Bristol City

Denell Shoremekun – Bristol Rovers

Excel Iwhiwhu – Bristol Rovers

Jordan Iwhiwhu – Bristol Rovers

George Woodward – Bristol Rovers




Casey Woodman – Bristol City

Devine Amaefule – Bristol City

Ben Ford – Cheltenham Town

Oakley Hill – Cheltenham Town

Austin Hopkins – Cheltenham Town

Max Wilding – Bristol Rovers

Josh Barlow – Cheltenham Town

Finley Thompson – Cheltenham Town

Jack Holbrook – Bristol City

Mackenzie Walsh – Cheltenham Town

Josh Baily – Bristol Rovers

Will Sage – Bristol City

Damian Widess – Bristol Rovers

Joel Manning – Bristol City

Oscar Johnson – Bristol City

Finn Coyle – Yeovil Town

Thomas King – Yeovil Town

Charlie Moody – Bristol Rovers

Joel McGregor – Swindon Town

Sid Partridge – Bristol Rovers

Fraiser Rocke – Bristol Rovers

Ben Clarke – Yeovil Town

Dante Legend – Bristol Rovers

Luco Ponsillo Forest Green

Josh Jenkins Forest Green

Fraser Wade Forest Green

Charlie Ward Pearce Forest Green

Will Taylor Cheltenham Town

Josh Aldridge Cheltenham Town

Josh Rendall Bristol Rovers

Jack Sheppard Bristol Rovers

Brandon Oputeri Bristol City

Issac Spencer – Forest Green

Oli Greenslade – Bristol Rovers

Cam Nicholls – Bristol Rovers

Ted Lancaster – Bristol Rovers

Will Whiteford – Cheltenham Town

James Powis – Bristol Rovers

Ben Clarke – Bristol City

Harrison Llyod – Newport County



James Bulgin – Cheltenham Town

Emmanuel Ali – Yeovil Town

Elliot Dugan – Swindon Town

Dan Read – Bristol Rovers

Matt Robertson – Cheltenham Town

Everen Tusken – Cheltenham Town

Sam Lacey – Bristol Rovers

Logan Gard – Bristol City

Kian Hill – Bristol Rovers

Jacob Jarowski – Bristol Rovers

Ellis Parker – Bristol Rovers

Laurent Nugnjoh – Newport County

Charlie Dashfield – Cheltenham Town

Billy Amos – Southampton

Frankie Chillcott – Bristol Rovers

Noah Eddols – Bristol City

Oli Williams – Cheltenham Town

Jacob Barber – Cheltenham Town

Kenzie Saunders – Bristol Rovers

Deji Odumboni – Southampton

Blane Roberts – Bristol City

Milo Jack – Cheltenham Town

Izzy – Bristol City

Jacob Robinson Forest Green

Thomas Hughes Forest Green

Jack Plumley Forest Green

Connor Davies Forest Green

Jaden Brown Bristol City

Oli Thomas – Bristol City

Josiah Mcayle – Bristol Rovers

Noah Luton – Forest Green

Cieran Walsh – Forest Green

Ed Baxter – Bristol City

Sam o Connor – Bristol Rovers

Max Artus – Forest Green 

Harry Thompson – Bristol Rovers

 Tom Chaplin – Bristol City

Jenson Burges Moore – Bristol Rovers

Will Tubbs – Forest Green


A huge congratulations to them all!



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